Why I Promote Wealthy Affiliate for People Looking to Build an Online Business

There are many companies and many people trying to get you to sign up with them or buy their courses, seminars, coaching, training, etc. – all promising you they can teach you how to make money online.

The hard truth?

Most of them are scams and shams and what is left for the most part is just guru garbage filler with no real value.

So people spend their money, get all excited, and soon realize they purchased nothing that will help them build a better life. They become more frustrated and a little (or a lot!) broker than they were before.

Wealthy Affiliate is Different

When I was looking at all the options for training some years ago I somehow stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate (or WA for short). At first, I was not impressed by the name ” WEALTHY AFFILIATE” – it just sounded a bit tacky and frankly like some of the guru nonsense that I had already encountered.

But something caught my eye in the millisecond before I could hit the button and click away.

Wealthy Affiliate had a FREE TRIAL…

That was unusual, I thought. So I read on and looked at all their information.

No credit card required. Now that was indeed very strange I thought. What is the catch?

As I kept reading I kept looking for the catch and to my surprise never found one. So I figured what the heck, I could at least try the thing, and then once inside I could poke around and figure out their wealthy affiliate scam if there was one.

Fast forward a few years later – I am still a member – and one of the highest-ranked members within WA too. But don’t be too impressed about the rank thing, all that really means is that I am active there often and I help people on a regular basis.

What it has done for me on the other hand is astounding.

The lessons I have learned within WA have helped me use marketing methods and tactics to dramatically increase my income from my online courses and other products, and make money with affiliate sales too.

Never Ending Fresh Training

Not only does WA provide its own core curriculum training programs – it’s members also routinely create training courses which you have access to as a member (depending on your membership level) and which are always being updated, added to, and new courses being created.

Some of these courses are published by multi-millionaire marketers – people who are already massively successful, and from whom you could never get access any other way – not without paying THOUSANDS of dollars for private consulting, coaching, or training.

So that is a huge benefit!

Training inside WA is always evolving and continuously being added to – so you will never run out of things to learn there.


Networking Opportunities and Friendships

There are lots of platforms that limit your ability to interact with other members to the point that it is extremely difficult if not impossible to contact other members directly.

I get it too – they have to protect their own business and also protect their community and platform from being taken over by spammers and scammers.

Even Udemy, which I love and on which I teach many of my own courses, has such strict policies in place it makes it very difficult to have completely open communication with my own students on their platform.

WA does a much better job of it and while they do limit some things out of absolute necessity to prevent damage to their business and to the platform and community – they do make it very easy for people who want to communicate directly to do so.

That makes it easy to build alliances, to get additional coaching or training from someone of your own choice directly, and to make friends that you can communicate with outside of WA directly.

That is in many ways unique.



You have everything to potentially gain and absolutely NOTHING to lose! That means you should at least give the free trial a shot and come on in and take a look see for yourself.

I know that you will love it if you are serious about building your own online business – and as soon as you know that then it will be time to upgrade to Premium.

However – if for any reason you do not want to do so – there is no pressure at all and you can just keep your free membership – or cancel it and leave.

Here is a link for you to check it out – and remember to send me a message and say hello once you join! Wealthy Affiliate Link


Best regards,

L.D. Sewell


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