Make Quick Money and Money Making Secrets

Catchy words and headlines, flashy thumbnails, and enticing covers – they all grab your attention…

But the sad thing is that almost all of them are just lies and they are simply not true.

They are designed to separate you from what little money you do have – not to help you create wealth or build any kind of real business at all. You may not like it, not enjoy hearing that most of the get rich quick schemes out there are just lies – but I suspect deep down you probably already know that in your heart.

So how can you do better? What should you do if you want to build a REAL business – one that actually does make real money month after month.

You need to get information that is true and reliable and then you need to begin making better decisions and taking consistent action over time.

Choosing the Right Business for You Right Now

The truth is that there are many different businesses that you could start and that can make money. The question is which of them is the better choice for you right now at this point in time.

That answer depends on you.

It depends on what specialized information and skills you already have and what you already know that can be monetized. For example, an auto mechanic that started out working for a dealership and went to all the schools and has gained a considerable amount of experience over a few years just needs to learn a few additional general business skills, including marketing and sales to be able to branch out and open their own auto repair shop.

This has been done for decades.

A real estate agent begins at an entry-level – learns the ropes gains experience, and cultivates a customer/client list for referrals and repeat business over a couple of years or more. Then once they have met the mandatory regulatory requirements, she or he goes out and completes the training and requirements to obtain a brokers license which allows them to then open their own brokerage and begin recruiting other agents.

A laborer begins working at a lawn care business. He is observant and there to learn as well as make a paycheck for the time being – after a few months he has gathered enough information and feels comfortable going out and getting his own direct customers – so he buys his own equipment and heads out on his own.

A truck driver starts as an entry-level truck driver and does that for a couple of years – all the while learning as much as they can about trucking, and developing driving skills. Eventually, they buy their own truck and get their own authority and become an independent owner operator. From there more experience is obtained for a year or two before beginning to recruit other drivers and build a trucking fleet consisting of hundreds of trucks – and a multi-million dollar a year trucking business.

Did you know that most of the largest motor carrier/trucking companies in this country were started exactly like that?

There are all kinds of online business owners too. Phil Ebiner began teaching online courses on a part-time basis – and now makes tens of thousands of dollars per MONTH doing it! He continues to build his own business empire each year adding more courses and specialized information products.

Lewis Howes started teaching LinkedIn methods and tactics from his sister’s basement when he was broke and desperate. He has grown that into a podcasting and specialized information business empire.

Look up Entrepreneur On Fire -founded by Joh Lee Dumas, and go find and read (or listen to) his back story after leaving the military and discovering podcasting. Today he is enjoying incredible success! But he had to get started at one point – just like everyone else – including you if you want your own version of success.


So many others have done the same in multiple ways. some make money with YouTube channels. Others with Affiliate Marketing. People use BnB and other short-term rental strategies to build considerable incomes that way too – even without borrowing any money or actually owning the real estate/properties they’re renting out!

The smartest of them all use multiple methods of generating income and income production opportunities of all kinds to make more and more money of over time. Yet they do it sequentially and systematically as their knowledge, skills, and abilities allow it – and they do so over time.

It takes time, effort, and usually some money to make money at significant levels – and all of that takes specialized information combined with serious desire coupled with ACTION.

So again, how you choose to make your money is up to you.

Just choose REAL BUSINESSES and real income production opportunities that are in alignment with where you are and what you want. They do the work needed to get the results you want.

Here Are a Few Suggestions for You

If you are desperate for income and need to make good money relatively fast – then consider becoming a truck driver now. You can potentially be earning anywhere from about $50,000 up to $80,000 or more per year within just a few weeks to a few months of training and experience. Do consider that while trucking can be a great way of life and income for some – it is NOT for everyone! Do your homework, do a self-assessment and decide whether it is right for you or now and proceed accordingly.

Why trucking?

It’s real. It is real money you can earn right now – within just a few weeks of training and training can be available to you by employers and by scholarships in some cases. Once you become a trucker – you will have time while driving to listen to audio courses and podcasts and LEARN while you earn. You will also have plenty of time sitting at shippers and customers waiting to be loaded or unloaded – and with a laptop or tablet and a smartphone you can do affiliate marketing too, and any number of other online businesses as well as continue to learn more about anything you decide to focus on.

Whether or not you become a trucker – I think everyone should seriously look into and consider learning and doing Affiliate Marketing. Why? Low to no barrier to entry, low to no cost to get started, and almost everyone already has a computer or smartphone and internet access which is really all that is needed to at least get started.

Beyond that – ALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES of all kinds that are real require marketing and sales of products. Simply put, a business must sell stuff to make money – so sales training and knowledge are essential for all businesses. Online marketing and affiliate marketing are all part of marketing and sales overall and that makes the things you can and will learn when you learn affiliate marketing valuable to you.

My advice is to join Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate or WA as we call it is a training platform and a hosting platform and many other things – in short, it is a membership. You can join for FREE and see if you like it. If you do the main program is currently $49 per month and can be paid month to month or annually – whichever you prefer.

But before you do that – come join me in my Build Your Own Business Empire Facebook group! It’s free to join our growing group of entrepreneurs – and if you do let me know that you are thinking of joining WA and I will give you my link directly – that way you will get my personal help if you want it as you begin to build your own business and build your own business empire on or offline or both.

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