Join Wealthy Affiliate for a Better 2022

Join Wealthy Affiliate for a Better 2022

Want to start an Online Business but have no idea how to actually do it?

Join Wealthy Affiliate and LEARN what you need to know to start your own online business.

What Is an Online Business?

That would be a great place to start – by getting a clear understanding of what an online business is in the first place and then considering which one you want to start.

The purpose of any business is to make a profit.

In other words, people start businesses of all kinds to make money. That is the primary purpose of any business and it MUST do that in order to even stay open and stay in business to keep operating.

Beyond that – so long as it is successful – it can do many other things too. Like letting you pursue your passion and enjoy your work in the process.

A business can provide employment opportunities for other people.

It indirectly helps other businesses make a profit and helps them provide employment and independent contractor opportunities to other people as well when you buy products and services from them that you need and want to run your own business. These people are referred to as Vendors and suppliers.

While there are many different options to start a business an ONLINE BUSINESS is a great place to start!

The reason is that while it is still fundamentally a business as described and exists for the same reasons that all businesses exist – the start-up and operating costs are much much lower than any brick and mortar/traditional business.

The risk is also much less.

I like all kinds of businesses my self and I operate both online and offline – BUT – starting with ONLINE is a BETTER option for most people.

All you really need is specialized information and training to develop some basic knowledge and skills and that is enough to get you going. Beyond that, you will want and need a domain name and site hosting a key element of your online business.

You can learn all about that too.

Next, you are going to need to decide which business to pursue.

I suggest you start with Affiliate Marketing first.


Because it will help you learn as you earn…

You can begin making money relatively soon (with training and effort) and the skills you will learn as you do so will be vital in marketing ANY other business you later decide to pursue.

Affiliate marketing is basically getting traffic (people) to visit your sites and platforms and consuming (reading, listening to, and watching) your content. Within the content, you can promote and market certain products that they will e interested in, and some of them will click on those links and buy the product.

The sale is taken care of by the company actually providing the product – one well-known example is Amazon.

So let’s say you write a review about a coffee maker, or make a video, or podcast and get traffic to your links. Some like the product and the information you provide and click the links you have there – that takes them directly to Amazon.

When they complete their purchase then Amazon pays you a small fee for your efforts in getting the customer there – your Marketing efforts. These fees may be a few cents to a few dollars to tens of dollars or much more – depending on the company and the product. They can be one-time fees – meaning you get paid one time and that’s it or they can be recurring.

Recurring fees are common with memberships, training courses, and monthly services like hosting, etc.

With recurring commissions/fees, you keep getting paid over and over for a time – and sometimes for as long as they keep that product or service. That can add up to be VERY POWERFUL income streams over time if you are good at it.

I personally prefer recurring income for obvious reasons!

Where can you learn how to actually do all this and more? Wealthy Affiliate is the best place I have ever found.

Wealthy affiliate is a massive training platform, a resource platform, and – a HUGE and growing community of OTHER LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE who are all doing what you want to do!

They can and will share information, share resources, network with you – and HELP YOU get started and then keep motivated and keep making progress as you build your own Online Business.

You do NOT need previous experience.

You do NOT need a lot of money upfront (in fact you can even get started for FREE!)

You do NOT need technical skills (you don’t have to be a computer nerd or techie type)

You just need to have a good attitude and be willing to WORK and put in the time and the effort. Then do it and do it consistently. When you do that you WILL get results and within a relatively short time you will begin making some progress, and within a reasonable time after that you will be making REAL MONEY online.

No guru garbage.


No more pie in the sky nonsense (none of which ever works)

Just real information, real help, and real support for real people willing to work to build their own businesses online.

Come join us today and start getting the help you need and start making your dreams into goals and goals into reality in 2022 and beyond!

Visit to learn more and to find links to join.

Best regards,

L.D. Sewell



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